Julie Guest Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author

Dear Busy Business Owner,

Your time is valuable so I'll get straight to the point.

Finding the right marketing company to help you catapult your business to the next level is no easy feat.  In fact sometimes it can feel about as easy as trying to nail jello to a tree (which is why I wrote that book over there to the right to help you.)

I'm not going to fill this page with worthless marketing fluff or empty sounding promises to convince you that we'd be a match made in heaven.

First I don't do "fluff marketing" (although there are plenty of  advertising agencies who do).

And secondly I don't know if we'd be a match made in heaven.  We might be the right company to help you catapult your business to the next level, but we might not be.  Let's find out together by discussing some of my core beliefs about marketing and business so you can see if they match yours.

1. The only purpose of advertising is to SELL.  It's not to win awards or "look impressive." I love creative ideas, but they're worthless if they don’t make you money (that's why I specialize in direct response copywriting).

2. The only people who's opinions matter, are your customers – the people who vote with their check books.  What you, or I, or Etta Mae your third cousin from Bone Steel, SD thinks about your marketing strategy is not relevant.  Results rule, period.

3. I believe in selling with integrity.  The strongest ads tell the truth dramatically.  You don't have to "fib," cut corners or mislead your customers to create great advertising.  If you don't 100% stand behind the promises you make to your customers and believe wholeheartedly in what you do, then I am certainly not the right person to help you build your business.

4. I believe the only kind of business worth owning is an extraordinary one.  That applies as much to my own business as it does to yours.

5. And finally, I believe that the most expensive advertising is the advertising that doesn't work (see my 100% happiness guarantee below).  If you’re in search of top shelf direct response advertising services at bargain basement prices, then please keep looking.  My services aren't for you.   Anyone who knows how to flood your business with clients, also knows their value.   I'm not yet the highest paid direct response copywriter in America, but at $550/hr I'm certainly not the cheapest either.  My clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars to create turn key, direct response marketing systems for their business.  Its money they happily pay, recouping their investment usually within the first few months and earning a return on it for many months or years.

A Highly Specialized Direct Response Advertising Agency - Especially For Successful Entrepreneurial Businesses

Nestled in the thriving city of "free thinking" Ann Arbor, MI  I lead a small but exceptionally skilled team of marketing top guns who work behind the scenes supporting me.  We specialize in creating turn key, direct  response marketing systems for successful entrepreneurial businesses with revenues typically between $1 Million - $15 Million plus.  Why entrepreneurs?  Well, not all our clients are entrepreneurs.  I have worked with a handful of Fortune 100 and 500 companies but they can be difficult to work with usually because there are so many decision makers involved. In my opinion the future belongs to those enlightened companies who are relentlessly innovative, agile and prepared to move fast. That's not the mega brand names.  It's usually the hungrier entrepreneurial companies reinventing the way service is delivered in their industry.  Perhaps that describes your company?

My clients come from a range of industries including financial services, cosmetic surgery, legal services, healthcare, real estate, insurance, landscaping supply and technology.  They’re either leaders in their field (and are determined to stay that way), or they’re the little guys, chomping at the heels of the giants in their industry and shaking things up along the way.  A few of my clients are within driving distance of our Ann Arbor office but the rest are scattered far and wide - from Hollywood, CA to Syracuse, NY (with a handful in Canada, UK and Australia).

Now let's get down to brass tacks.

All Prospective New Client Relationships Begin With A 100% Guaranteed 60 Minute Diagnostic & Prescriptive Consult With Me, Personally

The purpose of this call is to enable me to "diagnose" your current marketing and  discuss the big opportunities I see for your business.  Its also an opportunity for us both to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

My marketing services are NOT for everyone.  If you’re looking for great advertising at bargain basement prices, then please keep looking. Wearenotforyou.  I'm great at what I do, I've built an exceptional team to support me and we're paid well for it - fees which my clients happily pay.  And on the topic of fees, if you think hiring an expert is expensive, then just wait until you hire an amateur.

I also do not accept any clients who are on shaky financial ground and are looking for a life raft to save them.  That's an enormous and unfair amount of pressure to place anyone under, and in my time I've done my fair share of saving but that's not an environment where I can do my best work.  So - in order for me to consider working with you you already have to be successful, on solid financial footing AND you have to be someone who doesn't settle with being average or ordinary in any capacity (most especially in your business).

If I haven't scared you off already then we might just make a great team!

Now back to our initial consult together and what you can expect:

During our call I will share with you at least 3 BIG money making opportunities for your business that I guarantee no other advertising agency or marketing expert has told you about.  We'll be covering a lot of ground during our Consult (you'll want to have a well rested arm and pen and paper handy to take notes).

Your investment for our tele-consult is $247, a 59% discount off my normal hourly rate of $597. 

At the end of our call, one of 3 things will happen:

1) We'll have spent a productive hour together and you'll leave happy, taking with you the strategies to implement on your own.

2) There is a project or projects that you'd like to hire me for, in which case your initial consult fee is 100% creditable towards these larger projects.

3) You feel that the hour we spent together wasn't a good use of your time, in which case I will cheerfully refund your money in full.

To inquire about availability for a Diagnostic & Prescriptive Consult, please email Marilyn at Marilyn@JulieGuest.tv, call our office at 734-402-8843 or or fill out this easy form.  Please note that these Consults are rarely  available and should one not be available at the time of your inquiry, please accept my sincere apologies.  You name will be added to the waiting list.

To your success!

Warm regards,

Julie Guest

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