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A Brilliant Laundromat Marketing Strategy You Need To Swipe For Your Business

There are only about 2 or 3 laundries in New York City that specialize in laundering and hand ironing expensive bed linens, from companies like Charlotte Thomas Bespoke, Frette, Pratesi, etc.

Their prices (as you’d imagine) are a lot higher than your average dry cleaner’s – starting at $50 and up per sheet.Of course, if you can afford to spend $300 - $3000 for a single sheet in the first place these prices won’t scare you.

Here’s what one of these high end laundries does to separate themselves from the competition and give their customers an actual ‘experience’ rather than just a service.

Instead of returning the linens in cling wrapped, clear plastic (which is the norm), one savvy company wraps them in thick, colorful tissue paper tied with a wide, multi-striped grosgrain ribbon around them, and a polka dot gift tag with the owner’s name handwritten on it – just like a present.

Not only does this look amazing, but the psychological message it delivers is that this is a gift – triggering the happy response we all get from being handed an unexpected present.

What can you take away from this to do in your business?Think about a service or product you offer and come up with 3 ways you can pleasantly shock and surprise your customer – the more unexpected the better.

You’ll be amazed at how just the smallest things can make a big difference!