Julie Guest Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author

Be Sure to Include a Slippery Slide!

This week I’d like to help ya understand the importance of using great flow when you write your copy by introducing you to one of my favs - the slippery slide. There is a great copywriter – guy by the name of Joe Sugarman – who my Mom says was the brains behind the Blu Blockers infomercials that were so darn successful.  Anyway – he talks about your copy needing to be a “slippery slide.”  I agree.  Now, what he means by slippery slide is that every word you use, every sentence you write, has just ONE job: to get your prospect to read the next sentence.  And the job of that sentence is to get ‘em to read the next one.  And so on.

Before you know it, your prospect’s eyeballs are glued to the page and they can’t put your sales letter down – even if someone happened to put a big roast chicken right under their nose and (like me) they were the chicken eating type! Well, maybe then they’d multi-task and read and chow down at the same time.

The lesson is this – when writing your copy, make sure it passes the slippery slide test, ‘cuz remember – there’s no sin worse than b-o-r-i-n-g copy!

Woof! Talk to ya later!