Julie Guest Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author

How To End Prospecting Once And For All

“Stop selling, start helping” – Zig Ziglar When asked whether you’d prefer to get a root canal or get on the phone and cold call prospects for new business – I suspect you’d be like the majority of folks and choose the root canal. Frankly, I would too. Prospecting for business is hard, grubby work. It’s out dated, and if you are still spending your precious time actively prospecting for business, then it only means one thing – your marketing is simply not doing its job.

Here are 53 easy ways to strengthen your marketing and put an end to painful prospecting once and for all:

1.) Implement a marketing strategy that focuses on positioning instead of prospecting. By that I mean positioning yourself in your marketplace to ensure good, qualified prospects can find out about you and seek your expert assistance to solve their problems. This can best be done by writing white papers, articles, blog articles, or best of all - a book (that can be ghost written for you). 2.) Don’t let any leads go to waste. It was billionaire entrepreneur and ex-super model Kathy Ireland who once told me that “no” doesn’t mean no – it just means not now. Implement a follow- up direct mail campaign, auto responder sequence and get them added to your drip marketing campaign. Your prospects might not remember who you are in a week, let alone in a couple of months’ time when they’re ready to buy! Some of the biggest results I’ve achieved for my private clients have been by way of designing a multi-media follow- up marketing system for their businesses. You might not need new leads – perhaps all you need is a better way of converting the ones you have!

3.) Be of more service. As Zig Ziglar says, start helping and stop selling. Its truly rare to find someone who cares about you and your success. Become that person for your clients and your competition will be left in the dust!