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Need help with your small business marketing?

Introducing the most ingenious, easy to implement and proven Marketing System on the planet ...

The Client Stampede Ultimate Marketing Toolkit.

I'll take you by the hand and show you step-by-step, brick-by-brick, stitch-by-stitch how to create your own Client Stampede, no matter what business you're in and no matter what industry. I take you through my proven 10-step marketing system, revealing insider tips, tricks and never before revealed shortcuts to help catapult your business, attract more high paying clients in record time, become the go-to expert in your market and get your marketing automated and systematized lightning fast.

The Client Stampede Ultimate Marketing System contains more than 55 PROVEN Client Stampede secrets, “Done For You Marketing Campaigns,” Sales Scripts, Magic Marketing Formulas, Ingenious Pricing Strategies to help you raise your prices and get people to happily pay you more, expert positioning tools to make you the "top dog" in your market and your competition green with envy, plus so much more.

Everything is ready for you to "plug and play" in your business. Here's just a small sampling of what you can expect to learn:

  • The Client Stampede 7 Pillars for wild marketing success - if any one of these babies is out of sync in your business (or your life), then your sabotaging your own success without even realizing it. Each one of these pillars is CRITICAL to your success. It took me 12 long years to figure these out but once I did my income took off faster than a fat kid in the buffet line
  • The secret to mastering time management - how to ruthlessly protect your time so you can achieve more with less
  • How to narrowly define your target market and easily find large numbers of ideal clients who will happily pay you what your worth (and be a pleasure to work with instead of a headache - or nightmare)
  • The 13 smart questions to help you climb inside the minds of your prospects so you can easily sell them the goods and services they're eagerly looking for
  • The Magic formula for crafting your own USP or unique selling proposition - no matter how competitive your market is
  • The 6 easy ways to make your business extraordinary and create raving fans out of your customers
  • How to break free of your industry pricing "norms," instantly increase your prices by at least 10% and have people happily pay you more
  • How to craft your irresistible offer (and make it a total "no brainer" for your prospects to say yes instead of no)
  • How to quickly and easily establish yourself as an expert in your marketplace and the one slam dunk marketing tool anyone can implement, practically overnight, to give you instant expert status
  • Step by step, easy to follow sales scripts that take the pressure off having to "close" someone and feel like an icky used car salesman
  • A case study in out-of-the-box marketing - the one simple marketing campaign that had real estate agents up in arms, but drove more than 100 buyers into a property on a single weekend (in a down market)
  • A copy of my $10,000 business card - the very first time I used it this was the size of the copywriting project I got
  • My Magic Formula for transforming your website into a powerful lead generation engine for your business
  • How to easily leverage other people's customers for mere pennies on the dollars - fool proof scripts on how to approach a possible partner plus done for you co-marketing sales letters
  • The right and wrong way to use testimonials in your business and a step by step process to ensure you get fabulous testimonials that do the selling for you
  • The secret recipe for my Marketing MVP (most valuable player) that's a "game changer" in your industry (most people are shocked when they discover what this is)
  • The simple, surefire way to get your marketing on autopilot in record time

Plus lots, lots more.

Now just a word of caution.

There is WORK involved in getting this toolkit to work in your business. Leaving it on your bookshelf to gather dust just ain't gonna cut it.

So unless you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in to achieve your success - then move on my friend. My Ultimate Marketing Toolkit isn't for you.

But if you are - boy am I excited for you!

I absolutely guarantee that you and your business will be TRANSFORMED by My Ultimate Marketing Toolkit. This ain't your Grandma's small business marketing course.

And I unconditionally guarantee that you will work for you in your business to get you more clients in record time.

No ifs, ands or buts.

If for any reason you don't find that to be the case, then just return it to me I will cheerfully refund your money.

All I ask is that you give it an honest go. If after 60 days you haven't got yourself more clients - lots more clients, then I will cheerfully refund your money.

I can't be any fairer than that.


How Much...

To Invest In This Totally-Done-For-You Marketing System, Containing a Clear 10 step Marketing Roadmap For Your Business And Loaded With Some Of My Best, Most Effective Marketing Campaigns For You To "Plug & Play" In Your Business?

Well, my current hourly rate is $597 and my private clients pay me anywhere from $25,000 to $240,000 and up plus royalties for customized turn key marketing systems for their business. You might well gasp, but you and I both know that great marketing is the lifeblood of your business. The most expensive marketing is the marketing that doesn't work. Period. My marketing and strategies DO work which is why we are blessed to have more people wanting to become private clients than we can possibly work with  even though I've doubled my team twice in the last two years). Our clients know the value of great marketing in their business and happily pay our fees.

Fortunately you don't have to, to still receive access to my proprietary Client Stampede methods and uber powerful marketing tools.

Would the Ultimate Marketing Toolkit be worth $2,000 to you?

You bet it would. If the average lifetime value of a new client in your business is say, even $1,000 (which is ridiculously low for most businesses), it would only take adding 2 new clients to break even with your investment. Talk about a no brainer!

Fortunately you don't have to pay $2,000 to get your hands on the Ultimate Marketing Toolkit, or even $1,000.

For just $597, this binder and its 4 CDS containing more than 55 Client Secrets is all yours. That's the same price you pay for 10 tanks of gas in your car - except this is fuel for your business, and unlike your gas tank, once you've got it it's yours to keep and use forever. No refills necessary. Or you could spend your $597 on buying a Starbucks coffee every day for the next 6 months instead (but what good would that do your business).

PLUS it comes with my unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. Get more clients in the next 57 days than you've managed to attract in the last 6 months - or your money cheerfully refunded.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. I'm taking all the risk (as I should be - we're just getting to know each other).

Now the balls' in your court.

Are you going to keep struggling with your marketing, wasting time and money chasing shiny objects that simply don't work?

Or are you ready to turn pro with your business, step up to the plate and enter the big league?

All that's required to succeed is a proven game plan (which you can get your hands on by clicking on the black button below).

And some elbow grease.

That's it.

Get started today my new friend.

I'm with you every step of the way.

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Read what other people have to say about the Client Stampede Ultimate Marketing Toolkit:

“I was at the MAFE Conference in Detroit last November where you were the key speaker and taught one of the workshops. Your workshop was the best one I have ever attended…you’re right [learning your way of marketing] did feel like drinking from a fire hydrant but you helped me shift my thinking about my business and how I’m attracting clients. I went ahead and bought your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit and…its blown my mind. I’m more excited about my business than I’ve ever been and yesterday we signed our biggest client, thanks to some of your strategies. I am so glad to have been in your workshop and look forward to a record 2013. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight and knowledge.” Mary Alter

“In the past I have tried a lot of different kinds of marketing before, but not with much success… I wrote my own direct mail campaign and got skunked, I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter for a year now and still have not much to show for it. I even created a referral campaign for my clients but got dismal results… reading through your Client Stampede Ultimate Marketing Toolkit has been a revelation. Now I understand why what I did wasn’t working. I have gone back to the “drawing board” as you suggested and I’m seeing results already just with my existing clients. I can’t wait to try out the marketing campaigns you included.”

Edmond J Fox III, Toronto Canada

I am in Louisiana visiting my parents. I brought my [Ultimate Marketing Toolkit] with me. My mom even started reading it, and she's a retired government employee. I have been talking about it constantly. It has literally stopped me DEAD IN MY TRACKS! Everything from ruthlessly protecting my time (working on a BIG mindset shift here, as I am famous for giving all my time away!) - to get great ideas for self promotion - and on and on. Needless to say, I have written a few Dear John letters to time-drainers, walked away from 3 professional organizations, and am ruthlessly evaluating when, where, and how I spend my time. I would argue that I am benefiting from the Toolkit on an entrepreneurial level - as well as a deeply personal level.

Rachelle Smith - A Mind For Marketing. A Soul For Sales. A Heart For People www.PositiveCreativeInfusion.com

"This is the most comprehensive marketing plan I have ever seen... your staff is so helpful... you have made this business fun!!!" - Richard Rogers, FL

"Get it, get it get it. I'm kicking myself I waited so long before buying it because the results have been nothing short of astonishing... I love the way you present the material - its easy to follow and I really enjoyed listened to your CDs. Even my husband lets me play them when we're driving in the car and that's saying something!"

Anna Palko, CA

"Your toolkit is the best...I've bought a lot of marketing "stuff" over the years from many so called Guru's - Joe Polish, Frank Keenan, Ryan Deiss, Fabienne Frederickson - our marketing really is different - its so refreshing to see and best of all it works...I'm recommending it to all my colleagues and friends (but none of my competitors!)"

Joseph P. Roberts